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Marettimo apartment for excursions

Marettimo apartment for excursions

Each Cala del Porto apartment is perfect for anyone who wants to go hiking in Marettimo.
The proximity to the beach and to numerous points of interest in the area allow you to practice various activities in total comfort.
Experiences that allow us to discover the charm of nature, but also to admire sites of historical and artistic interest.
The excursions along the depths of the island are unmissable. Snorkelling in Marettimo allows you to move around the Egadi Nature Reserve, the largest in Europe.
An exciting activity, during which we will observe caves, walls, shoals, gorgonians, snappers, bream, groupers, corvine and numerous other animal and plant species.

Apartment for boat excursions in Marettimo

The boat trip along the entire island is also breathtaking, offering a suggestive view of the entire coastline.
A tour capable of conquering young and old with the vision of caves, cliffs overlooking the sea, colourful and full of life, coves accessible only by boat.
Among the points of interest we point out the Grotta del Cammello, the Grotta della Pipa, the Grotta Mammarino, Grotta Perciata, Grotta del Presepe, Grotta della Bombardella, Grotta Sommersa.

Apartment for excursions in Marettimo, in the mountains and in the Egadi Islands

Definitely captivating is the exploration of the inland and mountainous territory of the Island of Marettimo.
It is possible to walk through ancient steps and old marettimari that allow you to cross the entire island. Unmissable excursions for trekking lovers, to observe the pine woods, the lighthouse, Cala Nera, the promontory of Punta Libeccio, Punta Bassana, the beaches of Conca and Cala Galera, the Castle of Punta Troia.
A few metres from Cala del Porto it is possible to embark to reach the largest of the Egadi Islands: Favignana conquers with its variety of landscapes, with enchanting beaches, coves. Among the points of interest we point out the Bue Marino beach, Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, the former Florio delle tonnare establishment, the castle of Santa Caterina.

Stay in an apartment for excursions in Marettimo.
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